Applying for Schengen Visa

Therp B.V and Sunflower IT have a partnership since the beginning of 2017. The programmers of Sunflower IT, Tom Blauwendraat and his Kenian colleagues Duncan Kiplangat and Terrence Nzaywa, work, together with the employees of Therp, for Dutch customers like Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland  and Technotrading. Collaborative development, sharing knowledge and invest in the education of a new generation of Odoo developers is one of the key pillars in our partnership.

Coming September / October we plan to come together with all Therp and Sunflower employees in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In Belgium all the developers will attend the 2 days Odoo Code sprint with Python/Odoo programmers from all over the world and  the yearly Odoo educational technology convention.

In the Netherlands, before and after the trip to Belgium, we planned several pair programming sessions so that developers can learn from each other in different copples.

All of this can only happen as we imagine, if the visa's will be granted. Our collegue Mariam Phelian, from Palestine, got a visum for a short time last year and just got several hours delay on Schiphol, because of extra interrogations. Now we experience that the visa for the people from Kenia is a real time consuming exercise. Which rules to follow and where to apply (Belgium or the Netherlands) is not as straightforwarded as you think. Experts say, that it helps to know the people on the Embassy (which we don't) and press the consulair responsable (if you can get this person on the phone), because each case is examinated individually.  So, fingers crossed we succeed! 

From losing to keeping control?