OCA on Odoo 10

The project to migrate the Odoo Community Association (OCA) implementation to Odoo v10 was an European collaboration. Therp (Amsterdam), Eficent (Barcelona) and Tecnativa (Madrid) worked smootly together and finished the job. You can see the results here. We tried to make a group picture of the OCA upgrade team on the most important Odoo event of the year: the Odoo Experience 2017. 

This yearly Odoo event was held from the 4th to the 6th of October, in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. As usual, the OCA is one of the sponsors and had a booth on the exposition floor, the place we chose for our photo. As you may notice, we didn't manage to take the picture with the whole team. The project-members were busy with 'meet and greet' some of the many other interesting participants, discussing how to make the OCA more open for functional people and users or following different business, sales and development talks.

Highlights of the Odoo event were the showcasing of version 11 and the new hosting platform Odoo.sh. Here you find the recordings of most of the talks.

OCA organized a code sprint on the two days just before the Odoo Experience event, also at Louvain-la-Neuve and Therp'ers Holger, George, Giovanni and Mariam joined as well as the complete Sunflower team, Tom, Terrence and Duncan (yes they managed to get the visa). With around 80 people the sprint was well attended and unless the Internet hick-ups our team worked on the OCA Open Upgrade project (which was of course also used for the OCA migration mentioned above). They updated some more modules from 8 to 10 and developed the first Odoo 10 to 11 scripts.

It would be nice if more Odoo companies and programmers get involved in current OCA community projects and stop playing only the closed source game. We would love to see the code too, engage in reviews or discussions about it and of course, when it's good, use it. Not publishing until the financial gain of the module exceeds the investments, looks at first glance a good strategy. But such a software comes easely to a stand-still, because other developers can't contribute to and build on the knowledge which is embedded in the code.

The main secret however: sharing is rewarding! You learn and become a real Odoo expert fast. For example, working on the Open Upgrade project is the most direct way to understand the differences between Odoo versions. You show your quality and potential, that is a relief for the many who pierce through the sales talks. Together we experiment with ideas and practices which are, for no good reason, not mainstream. And that's fun too!

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