Odoo 14 Enterprise released

For the first time, the release of Odoo 14 Enterprise didn't bring many new applications, but focused on quality improvement. "Data cleaning" is the one new app introduced in Odoo 14. This app helps you to get rid of the duplicated data in your database and allows the user sweep out all unnecessary documents.

The most striking improvement is the website builder. What was previously possible only by designing custom HTML, CSS & JS is now available & configurable directly in the builder. Odoo added new features such as: ribbons, tags, scope for background video, auto pop ups and selecting the position in the e-shop, making Odoo e-commerce more attractive for customers as well as experienced and non experienced website builders.

Fans of spreadheets will like the integrated new view that allows you to prepare plans, projections & forecasts directly in Odoo 14.

The last improvement of Odoo 14 I will mention is the better User eXperience (UX), you will move around in an even easier and faster way.

Fabien Pinckears tells us in his presentation on Odoo 14 that Odoo aims to be the best in CRM, the best in timesheets, the best manufacturing, the best in finance etc. and will focus on features, quality and pricing. Unlike competitors such as SAP, Microsoft Dynanics or Netsuite, who aim to be the best in specific industries, and spend many resources on branding and sales to convince the customers.

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