Odoo Code Sprint Sorrento

The Odoo Code Sprint (Europe) took place in Sorrento, Italy. The main topic for this sprint, held from April 26th to 29th, was building community financial reports for Odoo v.9. The event started with a morning update from the company Akretion on the account report structure in Odoo v8 and what's missing in v9. The objective of the code sprint was to offer the same financial reporting functionality available in Odoo 8, to Odoo 9 community.

Most of the new reports for v9 are based on the so called Mis_Builder module. Mis_Builder v9 now integrates with the new Date_range module, allowing for flexibility when refining the scope of the reports. In the morning I got my first introduction to basic accounting too.

A group of 20+ more and less experienced developers, but all passionate about Odoo, worked on the tasks related to these reports. I took the job to make Mis_Builder reports integrate with CSS formatting in a more consistent way. I also worked on HTML, PDF and XLSX export options.

The view from the hotel is spectacular and during one evening walk with all members we enjoyed the beautiful city. Of course we had a lot of discussions, with programmers from Agile, Akretion, Camptocamp and many other companies, about reporting in general, and more specific on how should the CSS generator work for reports.

One of the evenings we got another presentation by Akretion of 2 modules for Import and Export of invoices. Importing invoice PDFs in Odoo, is possible by using the Data extractor for PDF invoices, or the Invoice2data module. Incredible! Also we got an introduction to the Zugferd standard, an important electronic invoicing standard. The great idea of the Zugferd standard is to embed an XML file inside the PDF invoice to carry structured information about the invoice. Customers equipped with a modern accounting software (Odoo!) will be able to import the invoice automatically as supplier invoice with this module. I had a very good time at Sorrento. It is a pleasant way to get in touch in an excellent atmosphere with the Odoo community. And I would highly recommend the next code sprint to all interested in Odoo development, at any level.

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