Odoo Nairobi course

After I, Martien, had expressed my interest in Odoo at Therp, things went very quickly. Would I like to take a course in Nairobi, Kenya? My answer was of course: yes.

After an eight hour flight we were picked up from the airport and dropped off at the hotel. The next day the course would start, so I did some unpacking and went to bed.

The next morning Tom, from Therp-partner Sunflower-IT and one of the organizers, came to accompany us to the course venue. We got used to this 15 minute walk, for the most part alongside a busy road, quickly. But on that first day it was a new experience. The sidewalks, the roads, the people, the mud (it rained a lot), the traffic, it was nothing like home. At the course venue I met the rest of the group. An international party of students and teachers from Italy, Greece, Syria, the Netherlands and of course from Kenya.

For 10 days we studied and our four teachers addressed a lot of subjects all necessary to become a good Odoo developer. Starting to install Odoo v10.0 from Github and learning the Odoo architecture, every day more and deeper into the technical Odoo ins and outs. Also we learned about the Odoo community and OCA. Some subjects we had to skip because a lack of time.

During the weekend there was time to explore (a little of) Nairobi. We visited Nairobi Animal Orphanage and naturally we all had to buy souvenirs. After 14 days most of us were ready to go home but it was a unforgettable experience. I learned a lot and had a great time with my fellow students and teachers. 

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