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For the management of, sometimes complex business processes, you need versatile, integrated software applications, preferably tailored to your organization.

Odoo is the answer. Due to continuous development, Odoo has become the most versatile solution available. Whether you are a wholesaler, shop, webshop and service provider, government or non-profit, sports club, production company, or something else, Odoo is suitable for you.

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Therp is a specialist in the support and implementation of Odoo, and are a partner of Odoo SA.  We have a wealth of experience with both the Enterprise and Community editions.

With the implementation of Odoo we take care of the entire process: from process analysis to implementation and management, from training to project management.

For many years, Therp delivers quality.  We manage the collection of modules (localization) for the Netherlands, which have been developed to ensure that the community edition is in line with our laws and customs.  

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Open Source stands for software whose source code is public. Users and suppliers are invited to contribute to the further development.

Odoo has had two editions for some years now. A community edition that is 100% open and the Enterprise version that includes extra 'closed' apps.

Therp supports both editions but is passionate about Open Source.

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Integrated software is indispensable for managing and supporting all processes in an organization.

From CRM to invoicing, purchasing to delivery, or planning to reporting:  Odoo provides. It's more than any traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), because modules for  Website and Webshop are also part of the system.

If necessary, we also create and maintain links with other systems. Therp has in-house specialists to guide you in using Odoo effectively.

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OCA silver sponsor

​Therp and OCA

​We are active sponsor of, and participant in, the  Odoo Community Organization
​(OCA).  This branch organization streamlines the development of extra 
​functionality in Odoo and guarantees its quality. Therp scores high on the 
​international Contributers-list.