Sunflower IT = Therp

At the beginning of 2022, Sunflower IT has been integrated with Therp after years of being a familiar face there. This means that Therp now has a home in both Groningen and Amsterdam.

Groningen has a special place in our hearts and is also the reason why we will continue to have our location there. The team is always happy to come over there to work.

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Tom starts Sunflower IT

As an independent developer, Tom starts his dream project from Groningen: his own IT company that focuses on doing good in the world, both technically and on a human level. He focuses on Odoo - the all-in-one open source software package for companies and organizations.

First expansion

Sunflower IT goes international when Terrence and Dan join the company as programmers from Kenya. Not through an offshoring-like construction, but as a sustainable relationship with the establishment of a joint company in Kenya: PyFlower. Later, Hussam and Kevin will also join the company.

Gijs Jan joins the team

In 2019, Gijs-Jan becomes co-owner of Sunflower IT. As a consultant, project manager and process monitor, he brings structure and a human connection between customer and programmer.

Sunflower IT + Therp

After years of cooperation with Therp BV, Tom and Gijs-Jan take over the company. After a merger, the dream continues under the more strongly positioned Therp.